About Blossom Flavours ™

Established in 2003, Blossom Flavours ™ is one of the leading manufacturer of wide spectrum of flavors for bakery, confectionery, beverages, ice cream industry, snacks and pharmaceuticals. The company with its limited resources have claimed their position in the market through an incredible range of products.

Blossom Flavors ™ has earned prominence in the manufacturing of flavors for a variety of food processing industries. All our products are known for having its desired quality and hygiene. Having clients who are gratified shows that within a short span we have developed our own corporate entity by achieving breakthrough in confectionery, bakery and ice cream industries. Our vision is to deliver world class service to the clients with honesty and quality.


At a comprehensive level we are ever eager to acuire eminence in the field of flavoring applications that are used in confectionaries, beverages, pharmaceuticals, ice cream industries and other areas that involves flavorings. We keep it in out ambit to meet the objectives expected of us while fulfilling clients needs and while doing so we strongly orient our efforts towards highest levels of quality and honesty.