Beverages (Carbonated/Non-Carbonated, Non Alcoholic, Tea, Coffee) Products

Blossom Flavours presents a diverse collection of exceptional flavours for the beverage industry. Our premium flavours, including vanilla, pineapple, chocolate, lemon, almond, cinnamon, coconut, milk, and cardamom, have been expertly crafted to elevate the taste and appeal of your beverages. From juicy and smooth juices and smoothies to the effervescence of soda and energy drinks, from the creamy comfort of milk and chocolate milk to the cool refreshment of iced beverages, from the warmth of hot beverages to the sophistication of alcoholic beverages, from the fun and playful cocktails to the innocence of mocktails, Blossom Flavours has a flavour to suit every taste preference and occasion. Let us bring your beverages to life with the perfect touch of flavour. Blossom Flavours, where every sip is an experience.

  • Liquid Flavours
  • Encapsulated Flavours for Dry Beverages
  • Soft Drink Concentrate with Combination of Flavour + Colour + Emulsifier
  • Cola Flavours & Boosters
  • Orange Variants & Boosters
  • Lemon Variants & Boosters
  • Top Notes
  • Combination of Flavours
  • Indian ethnic beverage flavours
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