Flavours for Savory, Seasonings Powders and Liquid

Introducing the world of snack foods, where every bite is an explosion of flavors! We, at Blossom Flavors understand the importance of taste in snack food products and strive to deliver the perfect blend of natural and artificial flavors to our customers. From savory chips to sweet treats, we have a vast range of snack food products that are enhanced with our flavoring agents. Our flavors are carefully curated to enhance the overall taste experience of the product, while also providing a unique identity to it. Join us in the journey of exploring the endless possibilities of snack food flavors!

  • Liquid Flavours
  • Dry Mix Flavours
  • Indian ethnic dry mix and concentrated liquid flavours for dry mix formulations
  • Onion / Ginger / Garlic / Clove / Cumin individual flavours with fried / roasted notes for savory applications
  • Liquid flavours for giving stable and unique profile to product such as Green Chilli Flavour / Biryani Flavour
  • Tandoori Flavours
  • Cheese variants
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