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The beverage is a big market opportunity and constantly evolving. A beverage should no longer be just a thirst quencher but also carry health benefits without compromising on taste. Manufacturers always strive to bring innovative product concepts that not only just fulfil taste desires but also can be a healthier choice too. There is a growing concern on the excess intake of sugar these days. This is also forcing manufacturers to focus on reducing sugar content in their beverage offerings.

Blossom Flavours is a leading soft drink flavours manufacturer in India. We offer beverage flavours in many formats such as liquid, emulsion, dry mix, encapsulated powder and granules for all your beverage requirements. Our beverage flavours can go into a wide range of applications such as carbonated beverages, non-carbonated beverages, juices, powder-soft drinks, coffee and tea. We also possess the expertise for creating flavours for alcohol-based beverages. We have a library comprising flavouring solutions like fruity, floral, ethnic, and exotic flavours for all kind of beverages. Our natural range of flavours for beverages captures the very best of nature.

Planing & Strategy

A brand identity has to be unique and cannot be created from an existing model.


At Blossom Flavours, we continuously monitor market trends and consumer insights to develop new product ideas and share with our customers. Our experts can help you create new concepts for beverages and improve the existing product offerings. Our sugar enhancers through flavour route can bring down the requirement of sugar content in your beverage and position your product as a healthier alternative without compromising on taste. Click to know more about our Healthy Indulgence Solutions.

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